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Hello Parker, Bye Buddy & More

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  • Jeff Parker, creator of Interman [which you really ought to consider picking up], has written up his Heroes Con Report. StalloneZone is mentioned… Even if you don’t like comics. I’ll bet you’d get a kick out of his Con Reports.
  • LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter)Matthew McConaughey is in talks to star in “Tishomingo Blues,” an adaptation of the Elmore Leonard best seller that will mark Don Cheadle directorial debute. Although I haven’t read the book, I do like the work of McConaughey, Leonard, and Cheadle.
  • LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Cable news channel MSNBC on Monday fired Michael Savage after the controversial talk show host wished AIDS on a caller whom he dismissed as “one of the sodomites.” And I’ll bet Savage was surprised.
  • LOS ANGELESBuddy Ebsen best known for his roles in “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “Barnaby Jones,” has died. He was 95. Harry Knowles has written a nice tribute over at Ain’t It Cool News. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and fans.
  • LOS ANGELES (Reuters)Police and prosecutors met in Colorado on Monday to discuss filing sexual assault charges against Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant as his lawyers said he was innocent and accused the local sheriff of “bias.” It’s pretty strange that the DA and sherrif are not on the same page with this one.
  • LONDON (Reuters)British police investigating how a young sky diver plunged 13,000 feet to his death revealed on Monday his parachute cords had been deliberately severed. That sounds sounds like something out of a tv mystery… but what a scary thought when you really consider it.
  • SEOUL (Reuters) – A South Korean man angry with his daughter’s Web surfing faced possible charges on Monday after he threw a computer monitor out of his 12th-floor apartment, hitting a four-year-old girl below on the head, police said. I would think that he would face more than “POSSIBLE” charges.
  • MONTPELLIER, France (AFP) – A shopper in southern France literally named his own price when he visited several supermarkets near here. According to police, the 22-year-old suspect fabricated barcode labels on his home computer, and by using them to replace the originals was able to acquire goods for a fraction of their real prices. I wonder how that system works out in jail?
  • HELLAM, Pa. – House hunters and footwear fanatics, take note: A three-bedroom, two bath house that happens to be shaped like a giant shoe is up for sale. I’ll be some old lady buys it — she’ll have some many children she won’t know what to do.
  • EAST DUBLIN, Ga. – There was bobbin’ for pigs feet and hubcap hurling. Grown men competed against each other by belly-flopping into a mud pit. This year’s Redneck Games at Buckeye Park in East Dublin drew thousands of spectators. As stupid as it sounds, I’ll bet everyone had a lot of fun!
  • ROSWELL, N.M. – The sports editor of the Roswell Daily Record has been fired for fabricating part of a news story about a golf tournament in which he quoted a fictional character from the movie “Caddyshack.” And I’ll bet the editor was surprised.

Crazy Stuff & T3 Too

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  • My buddy, John has started up his website again. It’s over at Check it out and tell him I sent ya his way. [Be advised that this site is not always appropriate for our younger fans!]
  • PARIS (AFP) A hunt to find a twin to our Solar System has uncovered the most intriguing match so far, astronomers said here. Ninety light years away lies a star similar to our own Sun, circled by a giant planet that closely resembles Jupiter in its location, they said. I just know that Jazz is digging this story as much as I am.
  • IONNINA, Greece (AFP)Greek fire fighters were called out after a large ball of light appeared low in the sky. But they found no fires, or evidence of debris… Another item for Jazz!
  • NEW YORK (AFP)Takeru “Tsunami” Kobayashi of Japan downed 44 and a half hot dogs in 12 minutes, confirming his status as perhaps the most phenomenal competitive eater of the modern era. I’ll bet Big Beatty could put him under the table if they were eating sushi!
  • PARIS (Reuters)Armed with a toy pistol, a would-be robber picked himself an unlikely target in central Paris — a gun shop. Bet you can guess the outcome of this one
  • BERLIN (Reuters) – A German fireman has admitted committing more than 30 acts of arson so he could fight more fires, police say. Talk about a man who loved his work!
  • BOSTON – A new study released by Northeastern University this week found that anybody can be a boss. Yeah, but not everyone can be a amateur administrator!
  • I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines’ today. It had a lot of action and I’m glad that I saw it on the big screen but it doesn’t come close to either of the first two.

BB2, Riddick & More

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  • I saw “Bad Boys” in a theater when it was first released. I enjoyed the direction and some of the interplay between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence but overall rated the movie as less than average. With that said, “Bad Boys II” looks like it might be a lot of fun!
  • Dark Horizons reports that principal photography has started on “Riddick” the “Pitch Black” sequel. Man, I can’t wait for this one!
  • NEW YORK (Reuters) – It may be illegal, immoral and certainly ill-advised, but selling every usable part of your body could fetch upward of $45 million, according to a survey in the August issue of Wired magazine. The Six Million Dollar Man ain’t got nothin’ on me!
  • HELSINKI (Reuters) – A Finnish man killed his wife and cut the corpse in half so it would fit into a single plastic bag. He turned up for work on Monday but left early to confess to police. Cut her in half so she would fit in ONE bag… and showed up to work on Monday… this guy is every efficient [and crazy].
  • OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) – An Oklahoma man arrested on suspicion of beating his wife faced year in prison and a fine. But when he spit in an arresting officer’s face, he got a life sentence instead. I can see it now… “I’m in for a triple murder. What about you?” “Uh, I spit on a cop.”
  • BOSTON (Reuters) – A New Hampshire man has been charged with assaulting his girlfriend after flying into a violent rage when she beat him in an arm-wrestling match and called him a “wimp.” Good thing he didn’t spit on anyone.
  • BERLIN (Reuters) – A German man woke up to find himself stark naked in the middle of a street after sleepwalking from home. That happened to Big Beatty once, but at least he was, uh, pointed in the right direction.
  • LONDON (Reuters) – Archaeologists have identified the first Ice Age cave art ever discovered in Britain, a series of drawings dating back 12,000 years. This kind of stuff just amazes me.
  • BERLIN (Reuters) – An escaped circus monkey dropped into a pizzeria in a small German town and vandalised the ladies toilet even though the owner had tried to pacify the animal with salad and rolls. C’mon, everyone knows that you can’t pacify a crazed monkey with salad and rolls! Break out the pizza and giant subs if ya wanna tame the beast!
  • SINGAPORE – The number of Singaporeans with foul-smelling, fungus-covered feet is rising and health authorities want to tackle the problem. I know a certain guy in Daytona who won’t have that problem… his nails look shiny too!

The Losers, The Mystery, The Dead & More

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  • DC Comics has published a really well done comic called The Losers. The art is great and the story is intelligent. The first issue is on stands now. I guess you could say, The Losers is a winner!
  • SANTIAGO, Chile (Reuters)Scientists said on Wednesday a huge mass of slimy flesh that washed up on a Chilean beach last week may be a rare type of giant octopus or just discarded whale blubber.
  • TOKYOIf it costs a lot to live in Japan, try dying: Cemetery plots on sale in Tokyo are priced at up to $86,800 each. The city government began taking applications Wednesday for the 50 newly opened spots at Aoyama Cemetery — the first such sale in 43 years. Talk about a high cost of, ahem, living.
  • DULUTH, Minn. – An exasperated resident turned the tables on a company that hounded him with telemarketing calls, calling it more than 100 times in two days. That’s good… not as good as what Big Beatty does to telemarketers but still.

Crow, Hackett, P-Diddy and More

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  • Michael Crow has created one of the most enjoyable hardboiled novels that I’ve ever read. I just finished Red Rain and have already ordered The Bite, his latest Luther Ewing novel [just published this month]. If you like crime fiction then check out Crow’s work.
  • .Dark Horizons posted two reviews for “Shade” today. Both of them were positive!
  • Comedian Buddy Hackett has died at the age of 78. I didn’t know until today that Buddy had been offered Curley’s spot with the Three Stooges after Curley had a stroke. Our prayers go out to Buddy’s family and friends.
  • SANTIAGO, Chile (Reuters)Chilean scientists are baffled by a huge, gelatinous sea creature found washed up on the southern Pacific coast and are seeking international help identifying the mystery specimen. This is a story Jazz will love!
  • SAN FRANCISCO – People fascinated with the history of “The Rock,” aka Alcatraz Island, can now own a piece of it. So you could literally own a piece of the rock!
  • Sean ‘P-Diddy’ Combs has been sued for more than $25 million by a former business partner who charged the rapper with forcing him to sign away his interest in their company by threatening him with a baseball bat. P-Diddy must be a fan of the movie “The Untouchables.”

28 days, Return of the King & More"

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  • I saw a great little horror film today. If you enjoy a good “zombie” flick in the vien [pardon the pun] of “Night of the Living Dead” then you’ll love this! “28 days later…” should be seen now not later!
  • USAToday ran a picture of the advance poster for “The Return of the King,” the next installment in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The poster can also be seen at Peter Jackson [director] said it was his favorite of the three… I know I’m looking forward to it!
  • Chris Tucker is in line for another $20 million-plus payday to co-star in “Rush Hour 3.” If he makes the movie it will be his third film since 1998 [with the other two being “Rush Hour” and “Rush Hour 2”]. It’s good work if you can get it!
  • MESA, Ariz. – City officials in Mesa have mistakenly installed two bus shelters where no buses run. Can’t you just imagine some poor soul… “Uh… I’m sure it’ll be a long any minute now.”
  • Singapore unveiled Friday plans for a $114 million, 558-foot Ferris wheel that would swing 114 feet above the current world record holder. “C’mon mom, don’t worry about SARS, I just GOTTA ride that Ferris wheel.” Yeah, that should bring in the tourists.
  • HANOI (Reuters) – A Vietnamese man passed off a lump of iron as valuable black bronze found buyers — but was paid $64,000 in counterfeit bills. Talk about poetic justice!
  • PARIS (AFP) – Bean-lovers, rejoice: the embarrassing side-effect of your favourite food may soon become a distant memory. Big Beatty can go back to eating chilli on his omlettes!
  • NEW YORK (AFP) – New York police rescued and then arrested a red-faced burglar after he managed to get himself stuck in the chimney of the restaurant he was trying to burgle. Another criminal mastermind brought to justice!
  • BERLIN (Reuters) – A German thief has had to call the police to rescue him after becoming trapped during a bungled break-in. Still another criminal mastermind brought to justice!
  • STOCKHOLM, SwedenVodka-flavored ice pops won’t be available on store shelves in Sweden after regulators said Tuesday they were worried that young kids might eat them. Guess that means no crack flavored cupcakes either!

Ashton, Mac, Jackie & More

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  • The very popular, Ashton Kutcher, will team up with the very funny, Bernie Mac, in the comedy “The Dinner Party.” Kutcher will play a man marrying a black woman whose father [Mac] has difficulty coming to terms with the marriage. Sounds like a comedy version of “Guess Whose Coming to Dinner.”
  • Lena Olin, who stars as Sydney Bristow’s mother on “Alias” has gained a lot of positive exposure from the role. Olin is so good at being bad…
  • Eminem and his mentor/producer Dr. Dre share the Number Two position on this year’s Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list. I’ll bet some people will still downplay Eminem’s impact
  • Kelsey Grammer has announced that next season will be “Fraiser’s” last. “Fraiser” was “must see tv” up until Niles got married… I’ll probably tune in for the last episode though.
  • A German man was fatally stabbed by his wife of thirty years after they argued about what color to paint the walls of their house. Well, if you feel that strongly maybe you should just speak up.
  • A version of Jackie Gleason’s ‘The Honeymooners’ not seen in more than 30 years is returning to tv on the GoodLife TV Network which will broadcast the 42 ‘Honeymooners’ episodes originally presented in color as part of ‘The Jackie Gleason Show’ that aired during the 1960s. Instead of just running “The Honeymooner’s” segments [which weren’t as good as the originals], I’d like to see the channel run the entire “Jackie Gleason Show.”

Interman, Hellboy & More

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  • Jeff Parker’s The Interman rocks. It is one of the most intelligently written graphic novels that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Check it out. I’ll bet you’ll like it too!
  • CHUD has a nice interview with Ron “Hellboy” Perlman. Now, this is a comic movie that I can get behind!
  • Ashton Kutcher must be living right. He co-stars in “That 70’s Show,” hosts MTV’s “Punk’d.” Kutcher is up against Prince William in an online vote for People magazine’s top bachelor of the year, and is dating Demi Moore. Wouldn’t you think that dating Demi Moore would be enough?
  • A woman has claimed that Ozzy Osburne is the father of her six year old child. I guess she didn’t know that Ozzy had a vasectomy 17 years ago.
  • Seahorses are their own worst enemy. They’ve been fished to the point of extinction, yet they mate for life and their unwillingness to seek new partners after being separated has done little to improve their chances of survival. Seems the seahorses don’t believe until “death do us part.”

Movies, Robbers & More

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  • “The Hulk” earned a little better than $62 million to force “Finding Nemo” into second spot. I’ll still bet on the fish in the long run.
  • “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” opens next Friday. I waited to rent the original, but plan to see this one on the big screen!
  • I just finished reading Robbers by Chris Cook. This is his first novel and I’d say that he’s going to become a “name” to anyone who enjoys a good crime story!
  • One of the scariest movies that I ever saw as a kid, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” got a little write up today. They’re out there!
  • Mike Tyson got involved in what is being described as a “street brawl.” Even though it appears that Tyson didn’t start it, he could get a year in the slammer if convicted. When is“Iron Mike” gonna learn…
  • Lennox Lewis kept the title but may have lost his desire to continue. If history tells us anything, he’ll fight again though.
  • Archaeologists in western China discovered five earthenware jars of 2,000-year-old rice wine in an ancient tomb. “Ah, do you have anything in a 0003 vintage?”
  • Anybody else been keeping up with the news about U.S. bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman who was arrested by Mexican authorities while attempting to bring Andrew Luster, the fugitive heir of the Max Factor fortune and convicted rapist back to the USA? This has been my favorite news item this week… it’s like something out of a movie — which I bet it will be.

SZ, Lehane & More

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  • Thanks to Garth at Dark Horizons and ABKing for the tip of their hats to StalloneZone for the Sly item that appears there today! Ya gotta love that!
  • Has anybody here read Mystic River by Dennis Lehane? I’ve been tempted to pick it up [along with Lehane’s Shutter Island]. Now that the official movie site has opened, I’m more tempted than ever!
  • Jennifer Aniston is the number-one celebrity on this year’s Forbes magazine Celebrity 100 which is based on earnings and media exposure. Anyone else surprised by this?
  • Nick Nolte has made the news by saying he wasn’t using drugs during “The Hulk” shoot. It’s pretty bad when it is news that an actor is NOT using drugs!
  • Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are set to star in “Beffy and Charlie” as musicians who are also gangsters. The film will be full of singing, robbing, and stealing. I’ll bet the theater will be empty though.
  • Mick Jagger had this to say about Justin Timberlake, “I’ve watched Justin, but every single move he does is stolen.” Hmmm… maybe Justin can get a part in “Beffy and Charlie.”
  • Kelly Clarkson isn’t afraid of “The Hulk.” Seems her movie opens the same day as the big green guy’s movie. Oh… for a minute I thought she was talking about Rueben.
  • According to this report the latest trend among teens and 20-somethings who indulge in so-called extreme body modification, is having one’s tongue cut down the middle so that it forks like a snake’s. And some people used to think that tatoos were extreme.

Media Tidbits

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Ah, but it’s good to be home. We had a nice little getaway up to the mountains and even to Heroes Con… but now I’m home and back in the ZONE.
  • Is anyone else getting tired of seeing promotion for “The Hulk” everywhere? It’s starting to get on my nerves.. and you wouldn’t want to see me angry.
  • Luther Vandross’ new album debuted at No. 1 and his condition has improved enough that he has been moved out of intensive care. If good news comes in three’s then Luthor is in for a treat!
  • Dennis Miller has signed to do a weekly segment on Fox News’ “Hannity & Colmes” show. Won’t that be spiffy?
  • Michael Chiklis’ ex-managers have filed a $1 million lawsuit against him for breach of contract and fraud. I hope that this is resolved quickly and quietly.
  • NEW DELHI (Reuters) – A man was found dead in his seat at a cinema in the Indian capital after the late-night screening of a horror film which the director has warned could pose a health risk to those of a nervous disposition. And you just KNOW that this will help it at the box office!
  • BERLIN (Reuters) – German police are investigating the discovery of a headless body near castle Frankenstein in Germany. And I thought the last item was bizarre!
  • NEW YORK – Ever wonder how many hot dogs the Fridge can hold? Well you’ll find out this summer as William “The Refrigerator” Perry, the 400-pound-plus ex-NFL star, participates in the annual July 4th hot dog eating contest in Coney Island. It’s nice to know that the Fridge hasn’t lost his competitive edge.
  • A duck living on a lake here isn’t letting a dart in its head stop it from eating, swimming, socializing or paddling away from rescue attempts. Next time the animal will know to, uh, duck.

Sly, Luther & Silence

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  • Sylvester Stallone will write, direct and star in “Rampart Scandal” based on the murders of rap stars Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Stallone will play Detective Russell Poole, the real-life cop who investigated the murders. Filming is expected to begin on September 1st. For full details check out the THIS LINK at
  • Luther Vandross is showing signs of emerging from a stroke-induced coma.
  • An German painter refused to speak for 29 years because his father was against his career in art! I thought you should try to silence your critics, not yourself.

Cruise, Sandler, Cage & More

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  • Yesterday I told you that Tom Cruise was in talks to play a hitman in Michael Mann’s next movie. Can you believe that Adam Sandler is in talks to play the cab driver? Can I have my money back?
  • Marvel Comics Luke Cage: Hero for Hire may be coming to the big screen! Sweet Christmas! I loved Luke Cage comics when I was a kid!
  • Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones were performing concert in Germany when several pairs of underwear were thrown on the stage. Jagger was used to females doing that but was quoted as saying he did see a few pairs of large men’s underpants on the stage. Hmmm… I thought Big Beatty was in Orlando?
  • A London judge has ruled that the lyrics of a rap song asking someone to “shizzle my nizzle” did not violate the law. So no ixnay on the shizzlelay.

Incredible Collateral & More

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    • The folks that brought you Toy Story  are coming back with The Incredibles  The trailer is up now and is a hoot! Man, can I relate to that guy!

  • Tom Cruise is in talks to play a hitman in Collateral, writer-director Michael Mann’s next project. Can I buy a ticket now?
  • Rocky Balboa not only makes the AFI’s “100 Years…100 Heroes & Villains” but cracks the top ten! Take that Luke Skywalker!
  • Martin Scorsese is bringing together a great cast which includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Kate Beckinsale and singer Gwen Stefani to star in “Aviator,” a Howard Hughes biopic. Surprisingly this doesn’t really get me flying.
  • Singer/songwriter Barry Manilow walked into a wall in the middle of the night with such force that it broke his nose and left him unconcious for several hours. Anybody want to chip in for some nightlights?
  • A German judge fined an ill-tempered pizza delivery man $610 for spitting into a salad order. Everyone knows you NEVER tick off the delivery guy!

Ridley, MTV Awards & More

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  • John Ridley’s Those Who Walk in Darkness is a departure. Usually Ridley’s stories are noir tales of a man on a path to possible ruin. Not this one. The lead is female, the tale can best be described as a sci-fi/thriller… but it does have one thing in common with Ridley’s other novels… it’s excellent! I’ll bet there’s more to come with this character / storyline.
  • “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” won the Best Picture award at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards ceremony held yesterday. We’re not even half way through the year and already MTV is handing out awards? I like the idea of a more “hip” awards show but can’t we wait until the year is almost over?
  • I haven’t checked out the tv guide yet, but I have a feeling I’ll watch “44 Minutes” on FX tonight. That whole situation has intrigued me since the day it happened. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more robberies like it.
  • It’s been a year for Jennifer Garner who picked up the Female Breakthrough Performance Award at the MTV Awards.
  • Doesn’t Pink remind you of one of those girls in high school that weren’t really your type but you found yourself watching when she was around?