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Suppose Josey Wales rode into Salem’s Lot…

Posted in Comics, and Horror

Suppose Josey Wales rode into Salem’s Lot… isn’t that one of the best tag lines ever?

The Wicked West re-teams Neil Vokes, Todd Livingston and Robert Tinnell [the
guys that brought us The Black Forest] in a story of vampires and the old west.

This graphic novel is going to be a winner. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy.

Wachowski Brothers’ Next Project

Posted in Comics, Horror, and Zombies

The Wachowski brothers, the guys who created The Matrix, are back and I’ll bet their next project will surprise you.

It’s a comic series called Doc Frankenstein [created by Geof Darrow and Steve Scroce]!

The Wachoski brothers will write and Steve Scroce will draw the bi-monthly series which begins in November from Burlyman Entertainment.

The tagline says: Resurrected from the dead! He is the MESSIAH OF SCIENCE who has returned to Save Our World from the MONSTERS currently running it!

I’m going to pre-order Doc Frankenstein through my local comic dealer and you should too if you want to be sure to get a copy.

Carlito’s Way

Posted in Crime, and Movies

One of my favorite Al Pacino movies is Carlito’s Way.

If you haven’t seen it, you should give it a look, especially if you’re a fan of Pacino, Sean Penn, or gangster movies. It’s directed by Brian DePalma and is really, good. [I’d place a link to the dvd, but they’re coming out with a Special Edition in the near future so you should wait if you’d like a copy for your collection.]

At any rate, Carlito’s Way is one of my favorite movies. So you think I’d be excited to hear that a prequel may be in the works, right?

Well, unfortunately what JoBlow is reporting, is that if there is a sequel it doesn’t look like Pacino, Penn or DePalma will be involved!

The cool thing is that no matter what happens with the prequel we’ll always have the original.

“Carlito’s Way” rates an A

"One Busy Horror Writing Machine"

Posted in Books, Comics, and Horror

Steve Niles is one of my favorite writers.

Niles writes screenplays, novels and comic books. If that sounds like a lot of writing, it is.

But so far I’ve enjoyed everything that Niles has written [especially the Cal McDonald novels].

Steve‘s got a lot more stuff coming out in the next year.

Click HERE and you can get a peek at what he has planned.

Who knows maybe you’ll become a fan too!

Tampa Con Report

Posted in Art, Comics, and Con Report

On Saturday, August 7th my son Mike, John Beatty and I loaded into my “Jack Carter XG350” and headed to Tim Gordon’s Tampa Comic Book and Toy Convention. We try to make it to at least 2 of the three shows Tim puts on each year because they’re just_ that _much_ fun. And this show was no exception.

We decided that we’d get a good buffet breakfast before the show opened. As we sat down with our plates, in walked Alex Saviuk who was also in search of some morning nourishment. Alex usually attends Tim‘s Tampa shows and it’s always nice to see him. We finished eating and headed over to the convention. The doors hadn’t opened, but there was a huge line waiting. No doubt, the word is getting out about how much fun Tim‘s cons are.

Ethan Van Scriver was already set up. Ethan is one of the DC comics most popular artists and always shows up for Tim‘s conventions. The doors hadn’t even opened and Ethan was already working on sketches for fans. The guy is ALWAYS busy. John Higashi “turned me on” to Ethan‘s art a couple of years ago so that’s ANOTHER thing I owe to Johnny Star-Warz.

Alex Saviuk was set up. Next to Alex was Mark and Stephanie Heike from AC comics. Although I never get to spend much time with ’em, the Heikes always have something funny to say. Behind the Heikes was Miguel Insignares with a nice “Dawn of the Dead” trailer running on a loop next to the cool DOTD poster. That’s Tim Gordon and Miguel in the pic to the left… looking like they just stepped off the set of “Dawn of the Dead!”

Marc Maculay, an actor who has appeared in “Monster,” “The Punisher,” “Bad Boys” and many other movies was ready for the fans. Some small press artists were set up to our left. Mitch Hyman, creater of the ever-popular Bubba the Redneck Werewolf, Jesse “Cadre” Hansen, Michael “The Ciderview Project” and Austin Janowsky were all having a blast. Dick “Cracked” Kulpa was set up at his usual spot just as you entered the convention room.

Yeah baby, things were looking good.

When the doors opened, the convention room quickly filled. The room is really huge and so even though there were hundreds [and hundreds] of people coming in, there was never that claustrophobic feeling that some convention rooms produce.

Several fans came up to John for autographs or sketches. John has really been doing some cool sketches lately and the fans are definitely digging the tones and colors that he adds to them. I got pictures of some of them, but missed out on a few… one was a really nice Cap that John did for a fan’s Captain America themebook.

I had a chance to talk briefly with Randy Martin. Randy collects Edward Scissorhands. In fact it was Randy‘s Scissorhands sketches that inspired me to start my Stallone sketch theme. Randy‘s one of the good guys and so it was cool touching base with him.

Miguel Insignares remembered me from Atlanta Con and said that he still wanted to do a Stallone piece for my gallery when he gets some time. That’d be sweet. Miguel has been attached to some really cool projects and you just know that there’s more to come!

Marc Maculay [pictured above with Mike and me] noticed my StalloneZone t-shirt and asked me about it. We ended up having a nice conversation about movies, education, etc. Marc‘s been acting professionally for over twenty years and did it without having to relocate to New York or LA. It was ironic that he played a scene in “Monster” with Charlize Theron that Beatty had been telling me about just a week earlier. John had watched the movie and it really impresed him. The next day he was telling me about this particular scene and sure enough the actor involved was Marc! Now how often do we get to meet actors who’ve impressed us?
The costume contest was a hoot!

There were two divisions… kids and adults. The three kids that entered all won some convention cash and had a fun time. Then came the adults… I never quite know what to make of costumers at conventions. Sometimes they are so good, they look professional… but other times…

There were several outstanding costumes. I thought that Catwoman would take first or second, Wolverine would get whichever spot Catwoman missed and third place would go to… well, one of the others. I was so surprised when the guy who came in first won, that I didn’t even get a picture of him! At any rate, everyone enjoyed the costume contest… and I mean everyone. Even the artists stopped drawing to watch the action.

Then all too quickly it was time to go. The con ended at 4:00 and we still had to drive back to Daytona. We made sure to tell Tim what a great time we had and hit the road.

Tim‘s next show is November 14th.

As I’ve said, all of Tim‘s shows are great, but this one is going to be really special. NOEL NEILL [Paramount Movie Star, Popular Pin-Up for WWII GIs, and best known as Superman’s Girl – Lois Lane] will be a guest! Ethan Van Scriver, Jim Fren, and Rob Granito have also already agreed to appear!

Who knows, maybe we’ll see YOU there as well!

Tampa, Here I Come!

Posted in Comics

I’m looking forward to next Sunday!

Why, you ask? Because I’ll be attending the Tampa Comic Book and Toy Convention!

I really enjoy going to Tampa Con. Tim Gordon, who runs the show, is one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet. Although he’s in charge of making sure that all of the fans, pros and dealers are happy, and runs tables of his own, Tim always makes time to talk to fans and make sure that everything is going “just right.”

Since Tampa Con isn’t one of the huge events like in San Diego or Atlanta, there’s more time for fans and pros to interact. Guest for next Sunday‘s show include Ethan Van Scriver [one of DC‘s rising stars — he’s being compared to Brian Bolland, which is quite a compliment in itself!], Alex Saviuk, John Beatty, Austin Janowsky, Mark and Stephanie Heike, as well as other artists. Marc Macaulay who has had roles in “The Punisher,” “Monster,” and “2 Fast 2 Furious” will also be on hand. Heck, you’ll even be able to get your picture taken with “Robocop” if you want!

If you’re within driving distance, come on by. I’ll be hanging out at Big Beatty‘s table trying to keep him in line. And I can use all the help I can get!

Hoping for a Happy Ending for Mike Tyson

Posted in Celebs, and Sports

Mike Tyson, once the most feared fighter in the world, and a 9-1 favorite was knocked out in the fourth round by British heavyweight Danny Williams.

Yeah, Tyson‘s 38 years old. And yes, Williams outweighed Tyson by over thirty pounds. And it’s true that Tyson won the first three rounds on ALL of the judges‘ score cards. Tyson‘s people are already blaming the loss on a knee twisted in the first round.

Perhaps they didn’t see the flurry of punches Williams unleashed on Iron Mike in the fourth round which left him sitting on the canvas bloodied and beaten.

I was pulling for Tyson. I always seem to be pulling for him. ¬†Sometimes I’m not sure why.

Mike Tyson had it all and blew it. From what I’ve read and seen of Mike, I doubt if I’d like to hang around with him for very long. Still he intrigues me. Tyson has a vast knowledge of boxing and a love for the sport and it’s history. He WAS the baddest man in the world until he hooked up with Don King. It’s like the storybook tale of a kid born with everything against him who overcomes it all… and then loses it

I guess I just keep hoping for a happy ending.

Pleasant Nightmares!

Posted in Horror, and TV

Sammy Terry returns!

If you grew up anywhere in the midwest from the early 60’s to the mid 80’s you probably made a habit of tuning in on Friday [and later Saturday] nights to watch Sammy Terry’s Nightmare Theater. Sammy would introduce horror movies and then return with some commentary after each commercial break. Sammy was one of the first “horror hosts” and definitely had one of the longest running shows.

If you grew up watching Sammy and would love to see him again, or if you never had the chance and want to see what he was all about…

Sammy will have his first official Sammy Terry Live Webcast will be on Friday, July 30th from 9:00 pm to 9:15 pm. The Sammy Terry chat will start at 9:15 pm and run to 10:00 pm. I plan to tune in, and if you love horror movie, hope that you can make it as well.

Until then… I wish you all… “Pleasant Nightmares.”

Transformed by Dance

Posted in Trivia

One of the funniest [and coolest] things that I’ve seen lately has to do with Transformers.

Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either… Transformers!

Even if you’re too old or young to have played with them, you’re probably aware of ’em. They were toys in the shape of cars, trucks, and just about anything that with a few twists could be, uh, transformed into something else.

At any rate I discovered the link while checking out Dean Trippe‘s new blog… click on THIS LINK and check out the coolest Transformer ever.

And I swear on all that is good… Big Beatty used to dance just like that!

I Want "Sin City" Now

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I can’t wait to see Sin City on the big screen.

Frank Miller.

Robert Rodriguez.

Mickey Rourke.

Bruce Willis.

Jessica Alba.

Rosario Dawson.

Benicio Del Toro.

Michael Clarke Duncan.

Josh Hartnett.

Michael Madsen.

Clive Owen.

Nick Stahl.

Elijah Wood.

Whew! This baby is gonna rock.

Don’t believe me? Read this interview with Robert Rodriguez [brought to us by Quint at AICN] and you’ll be a believer! Man, I can’t wait…

Buried Secret Goes to Far

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The Sci Fi channel has, for weeks, been advertising an “unauthorized documentary” [some even called it a “disturbing expose” ] about M. Knight Shyamalan. The story was that M. Knight first cooperated, but then tried to shut it down when producers delved too deeply into his personal life. The documentary advertised that it would present a “buried secret.”

I’ll be the first to admit that the documentary sounded interesting, but something about it just didn’t seem right. My wife speculated, a couple of weeks ago, that M. Knight was probably behind the whole thing… and it turns out she was right.

Today the Sci Fi cable network and parent company NBC Universal acknowledged that the documentary was really part of a “guerrilla marketing” hoax that went too far. It seems that “a number of entertainment journalists…” were left “…grumbling after they were duped…”

I watched the special and it was so obvious that the doc was set -up, that anyone who is upset because they were duped should be upset with himself for being so gullible.

Cool Stuff from the Sky Captain

Posted in Movies

The Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow site is starting to make available more and more cool stuff to get us all psyched for the movie.

In addition to the cool movie poster shown to the left, has six others that are just as cool. [Well… most of them are.]

JoBlo also has several images from the movie.

The official site has a new trailer, which looks even better than the teaser did.

There’s also a cool clip of an undersea battle available at Apple’s trailer site for Sky Captain.

I really don’t know how Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is going to do at the box office, but I do know that I can’t wait to see it.

Land of the Dead Dawns

Posted in Movies, and Zombies

The cheers that you’ve been hearing may be from horror fans around the world.

It’s been announced that George Romero is finally going to get to see his fourth “Living Dead” movie make it to the big screen! Written and directed by George his-own-bad-self, it’ll be titled Land of the Dead. [Leaving behind the “time” theme of Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead.]

In this one, the zombies have overrun the world and the few people still alive are forced to live behind fortified skyscraper walls. Only now the slow-moving brainless zombies are starting to change…

The film is set to begin production in October.