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The Iceman: Scarier Than Fiction

Posted in Crime, Horror, and Movies

If the movie The Iceman is half as riveting as listening to the real Iceman, Richard Kuklinski, then we’re in for a very scary movie.

Kuklinski was the 6 foot 5 inch, three hundred pound hitman, who claimed to have killed over 100 men between 1948 and 1986Kuklinski was finally convicted of five murders in 1988 and sentenced to consecutive life sentences.  In 2003, Kuklinski pled guilty of the murder of NYPD detective Peter Calabro.

Kuklinski, once incarcerated was never one to shy away from talking about his killings.  His matter of fact discussions of brutal and sadistic killings was chilling and without remorse.  Kuklinski died in prison on March 5, 2006.  He had been scheduled to testify that Sammy Gravano had ordered the hit on Detective Calabro.  After Kuklinski died, the case against Sammy Gravano was dropped.

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