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Robert Blake Gets the Boot

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This weekend, despite being a scheduled guest, Robert Blake was kicked out of a Hollywood Stars Show.  If you’ve never heard of it, The Hollywood Stars Show takes place every couple of months in Burbank, California.  Celebrities such as Ernest Borgnine, Larry Hagman, Corey Feldman, and others show up to sign autographs and pose for photos with their fans for a fee.  This weekend was Robert Blake’s first and most likely last appearance at the show.  Let me explain.

The Hollywood Stars show ran on Saturday and Sunday.  When Mr. Blake arrived on Saturday he requested and received a private side area for his photos and autograph signings.  After a short period of time, Mr. Blake became upset because his line was much shorter than some other celebs in attendance.  After a shouting match with the show’s organizers, Mr. Blake left.

Then on Sunday, Mr. Blake returned unannounced and unexpected.  According to both sides, Mr. Blake wanted to sign autographs and photos for free.  According to both sides, that was going to happen despite the chaos it caused and the fact that it upset other celebs in attendance who were charging.  At some point everything went south and Mr. Blake was asked to leave.  Before he was escorted out, he stood on a chair telling his fans that he would be out in the parking lot signing for free.  You can imagine the problems that caused.  He was escorted out of the building and then asked to leave the parking lot.

Mark Evanier comments on the incident here.   TMZ has video of the incident.  Here’s a link to the ABC interview that was taking place in the last part of the TMZ coverage.  And here’s an “open letter” from The Hollywood Show explaining what happened.

Robert Blake is such a talented person, but he’s always been a bit out there.

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