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Chris Z Runs His 1st Half Marathon

Posted in Sports

Last weekend my son Chris, ran his first half marathon.  He was joined in the race by his girlfriend Mikala, and her mother.

Of course Chris’ mom and I were there for moral support.  [I’m the guy behind the camera.]

Before the race Mikala and Chris are all smiles.

In fact everyone is smiling…

Once the race starts Chris moves from smiles to all out laughter!

At the halfway point and he’s still smiling.

Chris about to pass the older couple in the blue.  ; )

My wife is terrible at taking pictures.  She always cuts off heads.  Perhaps in a past life she was an executioner.  Mikala and her mom are also all smiles at the halfway point.

Chris coming in for his final lap!

Mikala and her mom finishing the race!

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