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Jesse Munoz Rocks Rambo

Posted in Art, Celebs, and Movies

I’m a fan of Jesse Munoz’s art. I discovered him though his DA site and then a web search to his website. Recently Jesse ran a contest where the person who could send him a screenshot of his DA site the closest to hitting the 25,000 page view mark would win a 3 card sketch set.

I watched as the days went by and the hits got closer to 25,000. I hoped to be around when the number was hit. I had been sick with a bronchial infection and woke up in the middle of the night coughing. I decided to get up and check my e-mail. Then I decided to check in on Jesse’s site. Guess what page view number I landed on? Unreal.

Jesse came through in flying colors with three cool Stallone themed cards. This Rambo piece is the first. I’ll show you the other two soon. Until then, why not visit Jesse’s sites and show him some love?

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