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TV Shows We Miss

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Recently Bits and Pieces ran a piece listing tv shows that have ceased production but would be welcomed if they returned.  Here is the list with my comments in [ ].

  • 24 [I totally agree.  I never missed an episode and would rather see it return to tv as a series or mini-series than go to the big screen as a movie.]
  • Hill Street Blues [Although I never missed Hill Street Blues back in the day, I think it’s time has passed.]
  • Cheers [Was a great show when it first started but ran it’s course.]
  • The Shield [I never missed an episode and would be a faithful viewer if The Shield returned.  It’d be interesting to see where life has taken Vic Mackey.]
  • Sopranos [Since I didn’t have HBO, I came to The Sopranos late.  I’m not even sure I’ve seen every episode, but I’d love to see it return.]
  • All in the Family [I used to watch it every week in the early years of it’s run.  Then when the cast started to leave, I lost interest.  Plus, what would the show have to do in this era to be controversial?]
  • Everybody Loves Raymond [This is another show I didn’t watch in it’s prime time run.  I do enjoy the reruns though.  If they could get the cast back together — Peter Boyle would be missed — it could work.]
  • Seinfeld [My all time favorite comedy.  I didn’t start right watching right away — who did? — but once I did, I never missed an episode.  If they could get the original cast back along with the show’s writers, could they catch lighting in a bottle again?  I don’t know, but I’d tune in to find out.]
  • Six Feet Under [Never watched it.]
  • NYPD Blue [Never watched it.]
  • The West Wing [Never missed an episode.  I’d tune in if it was brought back — even with a new cast, if the writing was as good.]
  • E.R. [I used to watch every episode until it became more of a soap opera than stories about the ER.]
  • 3rd rock From The Sun [It was fun and I’d tune in from time to time, but nah, for me, it ran it’s course.]
  • Police Squad! [If they could get Leslie Nielsen back, I’d tune in.  Zombies are in!]

Going way back

  • The Monkees [Loved the show as a kid, but unless you have the original Monkees, it’s not the same… and who wants to watch 4 zany 6o plus year old musicians?  Hey, maybe we’re on to something!]
  • Superman [Loved the show as a kid.  I’d tune in to check it out… especially if they did it in black and white and tried to recapture the feel of the original.]
  • Wild Bill Hickok [[Don’t remember ever seeing it.]
  • Sky King [Watched it as a kid and remember liking it.  Saw a clip as an adult and thought “time for a nap.”]
  • Dragnet [Times have changed and I thought it was slow back in the 60’s.]
  • Roy Rogers [Loved it as a kid.  Would tune in to check it out.]
  • Tonight Show with Johnny Carson [That show was fun… and as history has shown the magic could not be recreated]
  • Red Skelton Show [Another fun show.]
  • Carol Burnett Show [Part of the Saturday line-up that made CBS the network to watch!]
  • Dick Van Dyke Show [The supporting characters were the best… I loved that series!]
  • The Fugitive [It uh, ran it’s course.  A remake might be fun… as a mini-series.]
  • Get Smart [It was okay… could it be re-invented?  Ah, let’s do Police Squad instead!]
  • Hawaii Five-O [The new series was more fun than the original and I’ve already lost interest in it.]
  • Leave It To Beaver [ A classic when the Beaver was younger… not so much when he aged.]
  • Ozzie and Harriet [Never watched it.]
  • People Are Funny [Might have seen an episode or two…]
  • Laugh-In [A product of it’s times… and times have changed.]

What about The Wild, Wild WestCheyenneUC Undercover?

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