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Day 7: Mike Zeck Week at the ZONE

Posted in Art, and Comics

It’s DAY 7 of MIKE ZECK WEEK at the ZONE and we’re going out with a bang. First up we have the photo above of my good buddies, Jim Ivey and Mike Zeck. My brother, John Beatty, forwarded it to me to share with fans. Beatty took it on a visit to Jim Ivey’s Cartoon Museum back around 1992 or 1993!

Before we go to our final art for MIKE ZECK WEEK at the ZONE, I thought it would be fun to check out a self portrait that Mike drew nearly 35 years ago, along with a more recent photo of the man. [By the way, Mike is wearing his “Damned” shirt — from the excellent crime graphic novel written by Steven Grant and drawn by, you guessed it, Mr. Zeck, his own bad self].

Okay, for the last piece of Zeck art, I wanted something dramatic. I was tempted to go with a piece from Damned… or Captain America… or Master of Kung Fu… or his Spider-Man / Kraven graphic novel… or his work at DC on Batman… or Secret Wars… okay, I never really considered Secret Wars because I decided that the final page of the Punisher in the Return to Big Nothing graphic novel would provide a fitting end to Mike Zeck Week at the Zone.

Hope you think so too.

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