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Steranko Vintage Pencil Art!

Posted in Art, and Comics

If you’re a fan of fanzines, then you’ve got to check out Ken Meyer, Jr.’s monthly column Ink Stains.  Each month Ken (who is an amazing artist) posts… well, let’s let Ken explain…

I have a collection of over 200 fanzines from the 60’s-80’s that I plan to scan and talk about, one at a time. I hope to have some of the participants answer a few questions. Many of those participants are established comics professionals now, while some have gone on to other things. I will show a few snippets from each zine and give you a link to download a pdf of the whole thing, which I hope all of you will do!

These two Steranko pieces appeared with other art by Steranko, Frank Frazetta, Berni Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, Steve Hickman, Kenneth Smith and others in Spa Fon 5 (Ink Stains #100).

As always, thanks to Ken for bringing back great memories of fandom!


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