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11 Forgotten TV Detectives and Crime Solvers of the 1970s

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MeTV presents 11 Forgotten TV Detectives and Crime Solvers of the 1970s.  Here are three of my favorites (and some comments)…

1. ‘Dan August’ (1970–71)

After putting down his blacksmith’s apron and leaving Gunsmoke, Reynolds turned TV detective, first in the flop Hawk in 1966. Half a decade later, the former football player landed another headline role in Dan August, as a homicide detective in the fictional town of Santa Luisa, California. Though it came from hitmaker Quinn Martin, creator of The Fugitive, Cannon, The F.B.I. and Barnaby Jones, the drama lasted a mere season. Not that it hurt Reynolds, who made the leap to movie star soon afterward. Maybe all he needed was the mustache. (Craig – I was a big Dan August fan.  In fact, for a while there, Dan August was the reason I started wearing my hair shorter again.)

2. ‘Longstreet’ (1971–72)

A bomb hidden inside a champagne bottle explodes, killing and woman and leaving her husband blind. He continues his role as an insurance investigator. What sounds like a setup for a Daredevil comic book is the premise of Longstreet, starring James Franciscus (Mr. Novak, Naked City).  (Craig – Little known fact: Bruce Lee appeared on the show! Lee trains the newly blind Longstreet!  I enjoyed this show as well.)


5. ‘Toma’ (1973–74)

Tony Musante starred in a series based on the case files of David Toma, a real-life detective in Newark, New Jersey. Surprising the network, Musante decided to step away after one season. ABC recast the role with Robert Blake, then opted to completely retool the show from the ground up, turning the production into Baretta. (Craig – I vaguely remember Toma, but I never missed Baretta!)

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