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Gene Roddenberry’s Original Pitch for “Star Trek”

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Don Kaye and SyfyWire posted Firsts: Gene Roddenberry’s Original Pitch for Star Trek that will be of interest to fans.  Here are just a few things I found interesting…

  • The first captain of what became known as the U.S.S. Enterprise was not Christopher Pike or James Kirk, but Robert April.

  • Spock was originally conceived as “probably half Martian,” with a reddish complexion, semi-pointed ears, and a “Satanic” look.

  • Dr. Phillip “Bones” Boyce was the doctor not Leonard McCoy.

  • A shuttlecraft was used to take folks from the ship to other planet surfaces.  There was no transporters… no “Beam me up, Scotty.”

  • There were no phasers for the crew. They were originally going to carry rifles and pistols that fired either bullets, tranquilizer pellets, or explosive projectiles.

Thanks to Miguel Lopez for the heads-up.

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