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The Scariest Monsters that Came from the “Twilight Zone”

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The fine folks at Me-TV have posted their choices for the Scariest Monsters that Came from the Twilight Zone.  Using just their list, here are my top three and then my choice for the scariest monster that didn’t make their list but should have…


“Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” first aired in October 1963, and it’s been giving us chills ever since, forever changing the way many people feel when they fly. Its central haunt is a furry gremlin who wreaks havoc on the wing of the plane. The beast can seemingly only been seen by the passenger Robert Wilson (William Shatner).


Knife-wielding miniature aliens are no less terrifying than their looming counterparts, “The Invaders” set out to prove in 1961. It’s one of the most aggressive episodes in The Twilight Zone canon, featuring the unrelenting force of its titular, tiny invader, and a protagonist who’s under attack the entire 25 minutes, nursing her wounds while viewers developed a reverse Napoleon complex.


Aliens are probably the most often repeated source of fear in The Twilight Zone. Among the scariest aliens from the show were the ones that came for a fibber named Mr. Frisby. His tall tales caused him to become a target for aliens who come to collect him as an exemplary specimen who represents humanity’s best. In the end, Frisby escapes, but few viewers could turn off the TV set without first putting themselves in Frisby’s shoes, all of us shaking in our boots aboard the alien ship.


My choice for the scariest monster from The Twilight Zone would be the Kanamits from To Serve Man.  Not only are the an advanced race of aliens that are over 9 feet tall but they eat humans!

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