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“Death Wish” Remake Poster, Trailer and a Few Thoughts

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By now you’ve probably seen the poster and trailer for the new Death Wish movie coming out on November 22nd.  I’ll post my thoughts after the trailer.

I’m glad to see Willis starring in a feature (especially one heading to the big screen).  I’m a long-time Bruce Willis fan.  For the last few years we’ve seen him regulated to supporting roles with top billing in limited or direct-to-video releases.  So, yeah, it’s good to see him back.

Let’s talk the remake now.  First of all, why?  The original Death Wish with Charles Bronson is a classic. Perhaps the only (or best) reason is that if successful the remake could be a hit and spawn sequels.

In the original Bronson was an architect.  Making Willis a doctor does provide more conflict for the character.  After all, he did take an oath to save lives not end them.  Other than that it seems we have the same peaceful man turned into a killing machine.  In one earlier version of the script the idea was that the Bronson/Willis character would be a peaceful man but after his family’s murder we learn that he was once a violent gang member.  THAT could have been an interesting back story.

In the original film, Bronson’s wife and daughter get raped, his wife murdered and his daughter left in a coma with little hope of recovery.  Bronson has lost everything and gained a death wish.  In the remake Willis’ daughter appears well on the road to recovery.  Willis has something to live for.  For him to just go out to kill muggers treads the line of wanting to be a hero.  That gives the film a different vibe which still can work if done correctly.

The poster is not bad.  Not great and definitely has an 80’s feel with the tagline…

“They came for his family.  Now he is coming for them.”

(“Murdock, I’m coming for you!”  Rambo, anyone?)

The jury is still out on this remake.

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