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Ken Meyer Jr.’s Ink Stains 64: Adams, Jones, Cockrum & More!

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If you’re a fan of fanzines, then you’ve got to check out Ken Meyer, Jr.’s monthly column Ink Stains.  Each month Ken (who is an amazing artist) posts… well, let’s let Ken explain…

I have a collection of over 200 fanzines from the 60’s-80’s that I plan to scan and talk about, one at a time. I hope to have some of the participants answer a few questions. Many of those participants are established comics professionals now, while some have gone on to other things. I will show a few snippets from each zine and give you a link to download a pdf of the whole thing, which I hope all of you will do!

For Ink Stains 64, Ken took a look at Word Balloons #1 from 1974 from Editor and Publisher: Gary Groth

Ink Stains 64 features –

  • Cover by Jeff Jones
  • Archie Goodwin: Comics in Crisis
  • Interview and Art from Neal Adams
  • Donald Wong Portfolio
  • Denny O’Neil Keynote Speech Transcription
  • Steranko Keynote Speech Transcription
  • Dave Cockrum Backcover
  • …and more!


This is a new one to me.

Ah, the memories of the glory days of fanzines.  Thanks to Ken Meyer, Jr. for making these available!

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