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Top 10 Comic Books That Should Become R-Rated Movies

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Alex Maidy and posted their choices for the Top 10 Comic Books That Should Become R-Rated Movies.  By now you know how this game is played.  Using just their list I present my top three choices…

  • Goon by Eric Powell:  Set in a universe that has all sorts of supernatural monsters and our hero Goon.  Definitely a tongue-in-cheek comic series full of fun.  The Goon was part of a Kickstarter campaign (and I was in!) but a movie hasn’t been made yet.  The promotional video looked great though.


  • Pax Romana:  Although I never read this series, I’m going to have to look it up.  Who wouldn’t want to see a “world where The Vatican discovers time travel and sends modern weapons back to Ancient Rome to change the future”?


  • Black Widow: A former Russian spy/assassin now in the US.  Think of Atomic Blonde or A Long Kiss Goodnight, now you’re on board, right?

Other series that didn’t make the list but would be excellent candidates:  100 Bullets by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso;  Sleeper by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips; Gravedigger by Chris Mills and Rick Burchett, Polar by Victor Santos and Scout by Tim Truman.

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