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The Wicked West is Like a Reese’s Cup

Posted in Art, Comics, and Horror

A Reese’s Cup combines peanut butter and chocolate which by themselves are great, but together are even better!

Well… that’s what The Wicked West is like. Writers, Todd Livingston and Robert Tinnell have teamed with artist, Neil Vokes to bring us a horror story wrapped in a western. And the end result is something even better.

I’d been looking forward to The Wicked West since I first heard the tagline: Suppose Joesy Wales rode into Salem’s Lot. Man, that is the best pitch I’ve heard for any movie, comic, book or tv show in years.

The cool thing is that Vokes, Livingston and Tinnell lived up
to the tag line! They created an ambitious story which not allows us to see “what really happened” in 1870 when Cotton Coleridge rode into a town under seige by vampires but also how the story was adapted to the “silver screen” for a “singing cowboy” movie in the 1930’s.

The art and story mesh perfectly.

I think that anyone who is a fan of westerns, horror or simply great graphic novels would love The Wicked West.

Neil said that he had a blast drawing The Wicked West and it shows. I know I had a blast reading it, and like after eating one Resse’s Cup, it left me happy, but ready for another!

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