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Month: December 2017

Jon Bernthal Talks “Shot Caller”, “The Walking Dead”, “Sicario” and More!

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If, like me, you’re a Jon Bernthal fan, you’ll enjoy Jack Shepard’s Jon Bernthal Interview for Independent.  Bernthal talks about The Walking Dead, The Punisher, and more.  I’ll leave you with this quote from Bernthal…

I definitely don’t make choices based on becoming a leading man. I just want to work with the best people.

That, my friends, is the definition of an actor.

Map Of The Most Perfect US Road Trip, According To Science

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Josh Starling and InspireMore present Randy Olson’s Map Of The Most Perfect US Road Trip, According To Science.

Olson used a genetic algorithm that found the best routes…

This route takes you across the continental US and lets you stop at all the famous landmarks in each and every state.

If you actually plan to execute the trip, you should budget 13,699 miles of driving — or about 224 hours. Attempting to do the trip in one go would take about 9.33 days, although it would actually take 2–3 months to finish in reality.

I love road trips. Every year I take a few, but never any of this length.  Who has?

I did notice the Florida Keys weren’t included.  That’s a place I’ve never been and is definitely planned for a future road trip.  I’d also like to see the area of Custer’s Last Stand and that didn’t make the list.  You can click over and see the 50 locations that did and then start planning your next outing.

Daniel Cullen Leydon’s “Apocalypse Now” Poster

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Once a week posts Awesome Art We’ve Found Around the Net.  As you can imagine, they post awesome art that they, well, you get the idea.

I always enjoy seeing what JoBlo has found because with each post they list the artist’s name and a link to more of his/her art.  That’s where I saw  Daniel Cullen Leydon‘s Apocalypse Now poster.  I love the simplicity and design.  It reminds me a bit of Eduardo Risso.  And that’s a great thing.

“The Terror” Trailer is Finally Here!

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In 2007, I wrote about The Terror by Dan Simmons.  Here’s what I said then:

The Terror by Dan Simmons is a novelization of the true doomed 1840s Franklin expedition to find a Northwest passage. History tells us there were no survivors and the men died from exposure, starvation and worse. Simmons’ story combines all of the interesting historical details and adds a new menace, a creature which feeds on men. The Terror was a national best seller. Stephen King listed it as one of his favorite books of the year. Who am I to argue with Stephen King?

Then in July of 2016 I posted

AMC has greenlit 10 hour long episodes to air in 2017 with Ridley Scott and David W. Zucker serving as Executive Producers and David Kajganich on board to write and take the reins as showrunner.  This is a project worth keeping an eye on.

You can imagine my thrill at seeing this…


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Me-TV presents 8 THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT ‘THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW’.  Here are three of my favorites…

Despite having the feel of a live TV program, each episode was taped twice in front of different studio audiences. That meant that if an actor flubbed a line in both takes, it was still included in the final edited episode.

Although Burnett was the star of the show, she was supported by an incredibly talented cast that included Lawrence, Korman, Waggoner and Conway. When Korman left after the tenth season, Dick Van Dyke replaced him. The lack of chemistry among the cast members and Van Dyke proved to be a disaster, which is why he left after three months.

The Carol Burnett Show is consistently ranked on critics’ lists as one of the best television programs of all time. However, the series was not a ratings juggernaut when it aired from 1967 to 1978. Although the show peaked at No. 13 in the Nielsen ratings during the 1969-1970 season, it consistently ranked in the 20s for the first nine seasons.

The Swords of Heaven, Flowers of Hell by Moorcock & Chaykin: New Edition Coming!

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If you’ve never read Howard Chaykin’s adaptation of Michael Moorcock’s The Swords of Heaven, Flowers of Hell, and you can’t get your hands on the rare 1979 edition… then you’re in luck.  Titan Comics is releasing a new hardcover edition on May 15, 2018.

Here’s how they describe it…


Writer: Michael Moorcock & Howard Chaykin

Artist: Howard Chaykin

144pp • $29.99 • On sale Date: April 18, 2017 • ISBN: 9781785863307

Award-winning writer and artist Howaard Chaykin joins forces with Michael Moorcock to bring the Eternal Champion known alternatively as Erekose, Urlik of Skarsol or John Daker to vivid life in this classic tale from 1979.

Includes an exclusive introduction by acclaimed comic book writer Cullen Bunn.

Here’s a link to pre-order if you’re so inclined.  I have to admit that even though I have the ’79 edition, a new hardcover is tempting.  ; )