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Month: August 2017

Cabin Fever (2002) / Z-View

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Cabin Fever (2002)

Director: Eli Roth

Screenplay: Eli Roth & Randy Pearlstein from a story by Eli Roth

Stars:  Jordan Ladd, Rider Strong and James DeBello

The Pitch: “Let’s make a horror movie about college kids and a flesh-eating virus!”

Tagline: Terror… In the flesh.

The Overview:  Beware of Spoilers…

Five college kids head to a remote cabin where they encounter a strange flesh-eating virus.


58 Things We Learned from James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” Commentary

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Rob Hunter and Film School Rejects present 58 Things We Learned from James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Commentary.  Here are three of my favorites…

24. Glen Campbell’s “Southern Nights” was one of his favorite songs as a child, and he recalls the joy of attending a 4th of July party a couple years ago “at Jane Seymour’s house of all places” where he got to meet Campbell and listen to some live music from the man.

42. Stan Lee with the Watchers “doesn’t mean Stan Lee is a Watcher,”, but “who knows what Stan Lee is.”

55. Stallone asked how his line at Yondu’s viking funeral should be delivered, and Gunn replied “‘Have you seen the movie Babe?’ and he said ‘Yeah!’ I’m like this is you saying ‘That’ll do pig.’” My favorite part of this anecdote is the image of Stallone watching Babe.


Frailty (2001) / Z-View

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Frailty (2001)

Director: Bill Paxton

Screenplay: Brent Hanley

Stars:  Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey, Powers Boothe

The Pitch: “Bill Paxton wants to direct ‘Frailty’ – let’s do it!”

Tagline: There are demons among us

The Overview:  Beware of Spoilers…

Adam and Fenton are young brothers, being raised by their single parent dad. Dad is a hard-working loving parent and all is well with the family… until one night when their father wakes them up to reveal that he had been visited by an Angel.  The Angel told dad that demons live among them and they have been chosen to slay them.

Fenton realizes his father had gone crazy, while Adam is convinced their dad was visited by an Angel.  Fenton hopes this will pass, but when dad brings home a normal looking man who dad claims to be a demon and kills him, Fenton knows this is just the start…

Frailty is a classic that gets better with repeated viewings.  Paxton’s acting and direction (the only film he directed!) is point on.  Powers Boothe is, as always, excellent.  This may be Matthew McConaughey’s best performance.  Love the twists and turns.


“Extermination” – Animated “Terminator” Pitch!

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Bruce Stirling and John Knox have created an animated (appropriately enough) pitch for a new animated Terminator series.  Some of the scenes remind me of Mathew Reynolds art for Mercenary Seas.  While I’m not 100% sold on the pitch, it does have potential.

Check it out below and see what you think.

Source: GeekTyrant.

Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) / Z-View

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Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)

Director: Frank Lloyd

Screenplay: Talbot Jennings & Jules Furthman and Carey Wilson based on the book by Charles Nordhoff        and James Norman Hall

Stars:  Charles Laughton, Clark Gable and Franchot Tone

The Pitch: “Let’s turn Robert C. O’Brien’s novel into a movie!”

Tagline: Clark Gable as the daring mutineer in the screen’s most exciting adventure story!

The Overview:  Beware of Spoilers…

The classic tale of Fletcher Christian’s mutiny against the sadistic Captain Bligh!


The 100 Greatest Comedies of All Time

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BBC Culture polled 253 film critics from 52 countries to determine The 100 Greatest Comedies of All Time.  While I question Pulp Fiction as one of the all time greatest comedies, I’ll play along.  Using just their list, here are my top six…

  1. Step Brothers (Adam McKay, 2008)

  2. Arsenic and Old Lace (Frank Capra, 1944)

  3. Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks, 1974)

  4. Blazing Saddles (Mel Brooks, 1974)

  5. Airplane! (Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker, 1980)\

  6. Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (Stanley Kubrick, 1964)

Z for Zachariah (2015) / Z-View

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Z for Zachariah (2015)

Director: Craig Zobel

Screenplay: Nissar Modi based on the novel by Robert C. O’Brien

Stars:  Chiwetel Ejiofor, Chris Pine and Margot Robbie

The Pitch: “Let’s turn Robert C. O’Brien’s novel into a movie!”

Tagline: After the end of the world she thought she was alone. She was wrong.

The Overview:  Beware of Spoilers…

After an apocalyptic event that has wiped out humans, a woman who thought herself alone, finds a dying man.  She nurses him back to health and they begin to make a life together on her family’s farmland.  All is well until a young, handsome man shows up looking for refuge.


Jack Kirby Comic Con Tribute Book

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Today is, as most readers here know, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jack Kirby.  Mark Evanier (whose blog should be on your daily visit list) directed folks to a special treat…

This year’s Comic-Con International paid special note to Jack’s 100th birthday and its souvenir book included a wonderful 60-page section of articles, artwork and photo. For anyone interested in Jack, it’s a must-get…

And you can get it for free.  Click over to Evanier’s post for the link and I’ll bet you enjoy all the other stuff he posts.

23 Things We Learned from Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien Covenant’ Commentary

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Rob Hunter and Film School Rejects present 23 Things We Learned from Ridley Scott’s Alien Covenant Commentary.  Here are three of my favorites…

9.   At 24:26 he acknowledges this is the “same plot as the original Alien, there’s a transmission, they go and find out.”

11.   Astronauts and NASA scientists have told him that they sometimes get ideas from science fiction films because filmmakers have thought their way around problems in ways that they themselves don’t.

14. More than once Scott says he’s going to hold back from saying something so as not to spoil it for listeners — as if people are listening to the commentary for their first watch of the film.


Gargoyles (1972) / Z-View

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Gargoyles (1972)

Director: Bill Norton (as B.W.L. Norton)

Screenplay: Steven Karpf (as Stephen Karpf) and Elinor Karpf

Stars:  Cornel Wilde, Jennifer Salt, Grayson Hall, Bernie Casey and Scott Glenn.

The Pitch: “Let’s make a monster movie!”

Tagline: Watch Out! The Gargoyles Are Here.

The Overview:  Beware of Spoilers…

When a best-selling anthropologist/paleontologist (Wilde) gets word of a mysterious skeleton found in the desert, he decides to drive out for a look.  He takes his photographer daughter with him even though he believes the skeleton will turn out to be a hoax.  Shortly after arriving he and the small town find themselves under attack by Gargoyles!

Scott Glenn and Bernie Casey in early roles plus a young Stan Winston provides the Gargoyles!


16 Unbelievable “The Walking Dead” Fan Theories

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Gem Seddon and GamesRadar present 16 Unbelievable The Walking Dead Fan Theories.  Below are three of my favorites with my comments to follow…

14. The show is being told by Old Man Carl
What it means: Rick’s a troubled hero. He’s more beards than a hipster convention, and dodged a gajillion bullets, wire-wrapped baseball bats and the hungry, gnashing teeth of thousands of walkers. Why is he the centre of attention? What makes Mr. Grimes so darn special? Simple: because Carl idolises his father and it’s Carl who’s telling the entire story of the show.

The series will end with a major time skip where we see a much older Carl, with an eyepatch, recanting the story of how he grew up in the zombie apocalypse to someone offscreen. As he wraps up his tale, a walker shuffles nearby. “It’s time go Judith,” he says, as the camera pulls to back to reveal the young woman he’s been talking to – his teenage sister wearing Rick’s old Sheriff hat. She slays the zombie and the pair trot off into the distance.

12. Eugene is responsible for the outbreak
What it means: Eugene is actually who he says he is. Sort of.

Way back when we first met Eugene, we learned that he worked on the Human Genome Project and knew of a virus cure. The mulletted oaf told a massive lie to keep himself safe. Then the truth emerges in season 5. He confesses, revealing that he’s not a scientists. BUT he does say that he “knows things.”

This makes sense when you consider the fact that he also admits to being a “very good liar.” If that’s true then it’s impossible to tell when he’s telling the truth and when he’s making stuff up. The reason this theory has gained momentum is down to what Eugene told Negan this past season: the same damn thing. He worked at the Human Genome Project weaponizing diseases as a way to fight other military forces.

Eugene acts like he’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. But when you think about it, what he’s accomplished reeks of a science background – he made bullets and a poison pill. The way he talks about his “fake backstory” has a ring of authenticity to it. It’s detailed and in-depth. So what if he really was involved with the creation of the virus and it’s his fault that it was unleashed? While he was telling the truth that he doesn’t know of a cure, he’s not coughed up the biggest truth yet: that everything that’s happening is completely his fault.

11. The US is quarantined – because the virus is a botched military weapon

What it means: The USA is the only country to have fallen under the zombie regime, according to this theory. The reason? A military experiment that went horribly, horribly wrong. Fans suggest that a biological weapon was either intentionally or accidentally released, it infected the public, and the US had no way of controlling the subsequent outbreak of flesh-eating groaners. North America is quarantined to prevent the spread to other continents.

That would make for a killer ending of the show: to discover that the entire time the remainder of the world has been happily ticking along, letting North America fall. Sonequa Martin-Green, aka Sasha, even has a concept for how that would play out in the series finale: “How about last shot, last everything, whoever’s there, we get to the coast, you pan out, and you see all this ships blockading, in which you find out that it’s just America.”

Military shenanigans a la the X-Files? This shimmers with a hint of truth. Especially as sister show Fear the Walking Dead kicks off with a bold military presence, as if to imply that the government knew what was happening all along…

My favorite fan theory is that we discover that Carl is the one telling the story of the zombie apocalypse.  It makes a lot of sense, would give a fitting ending to the series and we get to see a hero develop from a small child to full-blown apocalyptic leader.

It would be a surprise to find out Eugene was behind the accidental release of the cause of the zombie apocalypse and that could even be tied in with the idea that the zombie outbreak is confined to the US. (Although I find the second part hard to believe.)

Small Crimes (2017) / Z-View

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Small Crimes (2017)

Director: Evan Katz

Screenplay: Macon Blair and Evan Katz based on a novel by David Zeltserman

Stars:  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Robert Forster, Jacki Weaver and Gary Cole.

The Pitch: “Let’s turn David Zeltserman’s novel into a movie!”

Tagline: None.

The Overview:  Beware of Spoilers…

When ex-cop, ex-con, Joe Denton is released from prison he finds himself still entangled with the crooks and crooked cop who got him sent up.  Each step Joes makes takes him deeper into a life of crime where his chances of survival are knife-blade thin.


Custom Made “Alien” Pez Dispenser

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I don’t collect Pez dispensers, but if I did, an Alien dispenser would be a Must-Have.  Sadly for those that do collect ’em, this Pez dispenser is a custom made piece by Peter “Rat D” Davidson, so getting one may be difficult.

The pic to the left was photoshopped with the one on the right showing the actual Pez action.  Still cool enough to get Hudson to yell, “Game over, man.  Game over.”

Source: Geeks Are Sexy.