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Month: July 2012

Where is Jake Ellis?

Posted in Art, and Comics

I really enjoyed Who is Jake Ellis? by Nathan Edmondson (writer), Tonci Zonjic (artist).   So you’d probably think that I’m happy that Edmondson and Zonjic are coming back with a sequel (Where is Jake Ellis?), right?  Well, if you thought that, you’d be right.   I am really looking forward to it.

Read this interview with Nathan Edmondson and you’ll get a feel of what we can expect when Jake Ellis returns.

Howard Chaykin is a Marked Man

Posted in Art, Comics, and Crime

Crime fiction / Howard Chaykin fans, here’s a heads-up:  Chaykin’s Marked Man graphic novel  [he wrote and did the art for it] that was serialized in Dark Horse Presents is set to return in a hard cover edition.  As you can tell from the book’s description, this is not for kids:

“To the casual observer, Mark LaFarge has it going on. He’s got a beautiful wife, cute kids, a McMansion in the South Bay . . .The guy is the living embodiment of the American dream. But nothing is ever as it seems. LaFarge is a career criminal who’s never done an honest day’s work in his life . . . and that life of crime, completely separate from the life he presents to the world, is about to catch up with him. And there will be blood . . . a great deal of blood.”

My pre-order is set to go!

The Future of The Walking Dead

Posted in Comics, Horror, TV, and Zombies

The fine folks at Shock Till You Drop recently caught up with Robert Kirkman and executive producer David Alpert to find out what we should expect in the new season of The Walking Dead.  Here’s a tidbit:

“The biggest thing I have to say is that, as the storytelling picked up at the end of season two, and the speed of events happening — well, we’re increasing it. Season three is going to be non-stop, in your face, intense. This is the point in the show that I’ve been excited about giving the audience since season one.” 

You can read the full piece by clicking on the link above.

Russell Crowe’s Next 3 Days Aren’t So Good

Posted in Crime, and Movies

The Pitch: “It’s like ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ from the spouse’s point of view, but in this version the spouse plans and executes his wife’s prison breakout.”

The Tagline: “What if you had 72 hours to save everything you love?”

The Story: When a man’s wife is convicted of murdering her boss after an argument and appeals hold no promise, he decides to break her out of prison.

The Cast: Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, Jason Beghe, Brian Dennehy and Liam Neeson.

The Good: The planning of the escape and a brief scene with Liam Neeson. There’s a nice moment with the man (Crowe) and his emotionally-distant father (Dennehy).

The Bad: Liam Neeson is under-used. What happens when you are a “civilian” dealing with criminals. What happens when a man is pushed to the ragged edge. The movie is a bit long.

The Ugly: The wife’s attitude when she learns too late the her husband’s plan.

The Rating: D+

Ryan Cody Presents: The Icarus Primer

Posted in Art, and Comics

Are you familiar with Ryan Cody’s Icarus

Icarus is a comic that Ryan has been working on for the last couple of years.  

  • ICARUS follows U.S.M.C. Major Robert Riley on his exploits to track and assassinate all super-powered beings on Earth. Things aren’t all that they seem in Riley’s world: Girls that can see the future, an alien invasion and government conspiracies all play a part in this twisting and turning adventure.

Ryan originally completed 32 pages and released the comic in a limited edition print version as well as a digitally.  Recently Ryan revisited the story, added new content as well as re-wrote and re-edited the original pages into something entirely new.  I bought the original Icarus and like the new version better.  But don’t take my word for it.

ICARUS: Primer is a 28 page story that sets up the world of ICARUS and prepares it for it’s launch in 2013. Even if you own or have downloaded it before, this version adds much to the story and hopefully gets you excited about Icarus Rising. Thanks to Ryan you can download the ICARUS: Primer for free.

If you like it, please help by spreading the word now and supporting the comic when it comes out in 2013.

Cooke Knows The Score

Posted in Art, Books, Comics, and Crime

If you enjoy excellent crime fiction and/or great comics, then you’re probably well aware of Darwyn Cooke’s adaptations of Richard Stark’s Parker novels.  So far there have been three – Parker: The Hunter; The Outfit and The Score.

Originally, the plan was for Cooke to adapt four of the Parker novels, but Cooke’s graphic adaptations have been so well received, and Cooke’s having such a blast, there will now be at least five!  Next up is The Handle which Cooke says he choose because “it’s an incredibly visual book. It concerns a casino on an island.”  The release date is scheduled for 2013 and I’d put my order in now if I could!

Darwyn Cooke recently spoke about his take on Parker at ComicCon and was there.

The Review: Conan (2011)

Posted in Movies

Conan (2011)

The Pitch: “Let’s remake the John Milius/Arnold Schwarzenegger cult classic Conan the Barbarian!”

The Tagline: “Enter an age undreamed of.

The Story: Conan, born on a battlefield, who became a warrior as a child, gets the opportunity as an adult, to get vengeance against the man who murdered his father.

The Good: Not much really. Jason Momoa shows promise as Conan, but is let down by a really bad script. There is plenty of action (the best two scenes being Conan as a youth fighting four savages, and then as an adult fighting sand warriors) but just don’t think too hard about what takes place before and after.

The Bad: The script is bad. Things happen just because they need to without regard to logic, continuity or common sense. Perhaps the only thing worse than the script is Ron Perlman’s beard.

The Ugly: Did I mention the script? Ron Perlman’s beard?

The Rating: D