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Daniel Cullen Leydon’s “Apocalypse Now” Poster

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Once a week posts Awesome Art We’ve Found Around the Net.  As you can imagine, they post awesome art that they, well, you get the idea.

I always enjoy seeing what JoBlo has found because with each post they list the artist’s name and a link to more of his/her art.  That’s where I saw  Daniel Cullen Leydon‘s Apocalypse Now poster.  I love the simplicity and design.  It reminds me a bit of Eduardo Risso.  And that’s a great thing.

The Swords of Heaven, Flowers of Hell by Moorcock & Chaykin: New Edition Coming!

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If you’ve never read Howard Chaykin’s adaptation of Michael Moorcock’s The Swords of Heaven, Flowers of Hell, and you can’t get your hands on the rare 1979 edition… then you’re in luck.  Titan Comics is releasing a new hardcover edition on May 15, 2018.

Here’s how they describe it…


Writer: Michael Moorcock & Howard Chaykin

Artist: Howard Chaykin

144pp • $29.99 • On sale Date: April 18, 2017 • ISBN: 9781785863307

Award-winning writer and artist Howaard Chaykin joins forces with Michael Moorcock to bring the Eternal Champion known alternatively as Erekose, Urlik of Skarsol or John Daker to vivid life in this classic tale from 1979.

Includes an exclusive introduction by acclaimed comic book writer Cullen Bunn.

Here’s a link to pre-order if you’re so inclined.  I have to admit that even though I have the ’79 edition, a new hardcover is tempting.  ; )

Dave Wachter Deals a Winning Hand: The Man with No Name, Maverick, Django & Jonah Hex!

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Dave Wachter has another winning hand with his art above.  Click on the drawing to get a bigger look at the poker game between Jonah Hex, Django and Brett Maverick.  Oh, and let’s not forget The Man with No Name who is making his entrance.

The only way this could have been better is if Cheyenne Bodie and Jim West also made an appearance.

Mike Zeck & Dan Gearino Chronicle the 1971 Comic Art Con!

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Cosplayers are extremely popular these days.  Some of the best are listed as featured guests at comic conventions around the country.  The Black Bolt player above came in first place in one of the first large comic cons ever – the 1971 Comic Art Convention in New York.  What makes this even more interesting is that the person playing Black Bolt is Mike Zeck.

Yep.  Mike Zeck.  The uber-talented artist that went on to draw professionally for Marvel, DC and others.  The Mike Zeck known for his work on The Punisher, Batman, Spider-Man, Secret Wars… well, you get the idea.

Not only was Mike the winner at the 1971 Comic Art Convention but he took photos of his time at the show and the guests there — Frazetta, Gil Kane, Harvey Kurtman and others.  You can learn more about the con and see some of Mike’s photos by clicking over to Dan Gearino’s site.

Preview of John Wick #1!

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John Wick #1 from Dynamite Comics is available now…


When a young John Wick emerges from prison and embarks upon his first, epic vendetta, he comes up against a strange, powerful community of assassins and must learn how to master the Book of Rules that guides their lethal business. What are the Three Bills? Who is Calamity? And who was John Wick before he became the Baba Yaga? Here for the first time, read the thrilling origin story of John Wick, from “Planet Hulk” writer Greg Pak and “Dark Horse Presents” artist Giovanni Valletta.

If you’d like to see a 5 page preview plus all of the variant covers you can by clicking over to The

More Sean Phillips “Night of the Living Dead” Criterion Art!

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Yesterday we took a look at the art Sean Phillips created for the Criterion release of Night of the Living Dead.  Phillips posted two more pieces of NOTLD art that he created and will appear with release.  You can see a much larger version of the art above as well as the other NOTLD painting at Sean’s site.

New Criterion Release of “Night of the Living Dead”!!

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Sean Phillips’ painting is being used for the new Criterion release of Night of the Living Dead which is set to drop February 13, 2018.  The new release features:

  • New 4K digital restoration, supervised by director George A. Romero, coscreenwriter John A. Russo, sound engineer Gary R. Streiner, and producer Russell W. Streiner
  • New restoration of the monaural soundtrack, supervised by Romero and Gary R. Streiner, and presented uncompressed on the Blu-ray
  • Night of Anubis, a never-before-presented work-print edit of the film
  • New program featuring filmmakers Frank Darabont, Guillermo del Toro, and Robert Rodriguez
  • Never-before-seen 16 mm dailies reel
  • New piece featuring Russo about the commercial and industrial-film production company where key Night of the Living Dead filmmakers got their start
  • Two audio commentaries from 1994, featuring Romero, Russo, producer Karl Hardman, actor
    Judith O’Dea, and more
  • Archival interviews with Romero and actors Duane Jones and Judith Ridley
  • New programs about the editing, the score, and directing ghouls
  • New interviews with Gary R. Streiner and Russel W. Streiner
  • Trailer, radio spots, and TV spots
  • More!
  • PLUS: An essay by critic Stuart Klawans

This will be a must-have for me.

Comic Legends: Was Punisher Initially Going to Die in His First Series?

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My buddies, John Beatty and Mike Zeck are at the center of’s Comic Legends: Was Punisher Initially Going to Die in His First Series?

That was an exciting time for comics.  The Punisher, up to that point, had been a secondary, guest-starring character who had real potential.  Steven Grant had the right take on Frank Castle and of course, Mike Zeck and John Beatty were the team to bring the project to life.

Sadly, Grant, Zeck and Beatty didn’t get to complete the series. Although as the piece says, “John Beatty’s finishes made it all look as consistent as possible.”  Thankfully, Grant, Zeck and Beatty did re-team on the Punisher graphic novel Return to Big Nothing.