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9 Altogether Ooky Facts About John Astin

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Me-TV presents 9 Altogether Ooky Facts About John Astin.  Here are three of my favorites…

3. He was nominated for an Oscar…

   Image: MGM Television

…but it wasn’t for acting. Astin directed the 1968 short film Prelude. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.

4. He appeared in ‘West Side Story.’

   Image: United Artists

The 1961 musical blockbuster starred box office heavyweights like Natalie Wood and Rita Moreno, but it also featured an uncredited appearance by Astin. The actor appeared as the character Glad Hand, the social worker who kicks off the “Mambo” dance sequence in the gymnasium.


5. He appeared as The Riddler on ‘Batman.’

Most people associate the devious villain with Frank Gorshin. But Astin also put on the green tights and purple mask in the season two episodes “Batman’s Anniversary” and “A Riddling Controversy.”

Rambo by Matt Childers

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Matt Childers is “comic book artist, illustrator, designer, sometimes writer and most of all a storyteller.”  I first became aware of Matt through a story that he drew called Dick Ruby and the Case of the Little Green Men (written by Brett Harris).  That led me to other of Matt’s comics and commissions.  I was hopeful that Matt would be up for a Stallone sketch.  As you can see, he was.

I liked it so much, I immediately requested a Childers’ Jack Carter.  You’ll see that here next weekend.

If you’re a sketch collector, Matt gets my highest recommendation.

From The Rock to Dave Bautista, Here’s the 10 Best Wrestlers-Turned-Actors

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Bradley Russell’s From The Rock to Dave Bautista, Here’s the 10 Best Wrestlers-Turned-Actors piece for GamesRadar was a fun read and it got me to thinking…

  • Shouldn’t Stone Cold Steve Austin have been rated higher than 10?

  • Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin both had their best performances in a Stallone movie!

  • Did you catch Kevin Nash’s cameo in John Wick?

  • Does anyone besides Bradley Russell think that Jesse Ventura’s best move was The Running Man?  Ventura was in Predator!

  • Dwayne The Rock Johnson is #1 and should be.  I also want to see for the record that Johnson’s crime film Faster is very under-rated.

While Russell’s list is a good one, there has been a major oversight.  Terry Funk was left off!

How could any list of Professional Wrestlers Turned Actors omit the man who played Franky the Thumper?

‘Thief’: How Michael Mann’s Cinema Debut Stole the World’s Attention

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Thief: How Michael Mann’s Cinema Debut Stole the World’s Attention.  That’s right, amigos, Michael Mann’s Thief gets the Cinephilia & Beyond treatment.

Click on the link and you’ll find…

  • Mann’s final draft script for Thief
  • Thief the first heist video
  • James Caan on Thief
  • Omar Ahmed’s video essay on Michael Mann’s Thief
  • Michael Mann on Filmmaking (video)
  • An Evening with Michael Mann (video)
  • Many Behind-the-Scenes Photos
  • and more!

In Praise of Burt Reynolds: The Last Good Ol’ Boy Movie Star

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 created an excellent profile of Burt Reynolds for Rolling Stone.  In Praise of Burt Reynolds: The Last Good Ol’ Boy Movie Star is well worth a read.  Here’s a few tidbits…

…even at the height of his fame, Reynolds was never really taken seriously as an actor. Part of the problem, perhaps, was that he was so damned good-looking…

Nobody had more onscreen or offscreen swagger in his stride or a more knowing twinkle in his eye. He was Cary Grant crossed with Tom Jones – funny, sharp, self-aware and surprisingly unpretentious…

And maybe his natural inclination towards fun was part of the problem. Even in his prime, well before all the Cannonball Runs and Stroker Aces and Rent-a-Cops began piling up like a trash strike, he paid scant attention to “building his brand” as a serious actor. The man preferred instead to do whatever happened to strike his fancy at the time…

Now, thanks to Rifkin, Reynolds is back with what’s arguably his best performance since Boogie Nights…

Source: Al Bundy’s Socks.


Miller & Wheeler’s “Cursed” Picked Up by Netflix!

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About a week ago it was announced that Frank Miller will provide the art and team with writer Thomas Wheeler for Cursed, a young adult novel that…

…tells the story of King Arthur from the point of view of Nimue, the 16-year-old girl who first wielded Excalibur and ultimately became the Lady of the Lake.

Although the book won’t be out until 2019, Netflix has decided to pick it up as a series!  For full details check out Netflix Orders TV Series ‘Cursed’ From Frank Miller & Tom Wheeler Based On Book Reimagining King Arthur Legend at

Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ Got the Cinephilia and Beyond Treatment!

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Stanley Kubric / The Shining / Horror fans are going to love it that Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ Got the Cinephilia and Beyond Treatment!

Click on the link and you’ll find…

  • Kubrick’s Original Treatment for The Shinning
  • A rare interview with Kubrick
  • Rare Behind the Scenes Footage
  • Another rare Kubrick Interview
  • The Visions of Stanley Kubrick Video
  • View from The Overlook Video
  • Kubrick Talks About The Shining Video Interview
  • and much more!

Marilyn Monroe’s Response

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This is one of those stories that if it isn’t true, it should be.

In 1951, Marilyn Monroe wore a low-cut red dress to a party.

The next morning, a columnist complained that Marilyn Monroe was “cheap and vulgar,” and would have looked more decent in a potato sack.

Marilyn’s response was the photos above.

Source: Anthony Oliveira.