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Comics Deserving Hardback Collections

Posted in Art, and Comics

Ol’ Groove from Diversions of the Groovy Kind posted his choices for 10 Groovy Age Comics That Need To Be Collected.

One of his choices was The Best of Marvel Premiere.  Monark Starstalker created, written and drawn by Howard Chaykin appeared in issue 32.  Another Chaykin creation, Dominic Fortune, appeared in issue 56.

This got me to thinking about how much I’d like to see a collection of Chaykin’s Dominic Forturne appearances.  Surely there’s a market for that!

And while we’re at it, I’d like to see hardback collections of…

  • Black Terror by Beau Smith & Chuck Dixon and Dan Brereton
  • Scout by Tim Truman (A definitive collection)
  • MOKF – the Moench / Gulacy issues
  • Black Cross by Chris Warner

Mondo Gallery Presents: Universal Studios Monsters

Posted in Art, Horror, and Movies

That’s Eric Powell’s contribution to Mondo Gallery Presents: Universal Studios Monsters.  Click over to see Bride of Frankenstein (Ken Taylor), The Invisible Man (Jonathan Burton), Creature From The Black Lagoon (Gary Pullin), Frankenstein (Jes Seamans), Dracula (Francesco Francavilla) and more!

Cosa Nostra by Dirk Manning and Dan Dougherty

Posted in Comics, and Crime

“You’re going to help me find out who killed me whether you like it or not, brother o’ mine…”

Dirk Manning‘s latest newsletter featured 9 comic projects coming in 2018.  Manning writes in a lot of genres but this mash-up of crime with a supernatural twist appealed most to me.  Cosa Nostra written by Manning with art by Dan Dougherty is scheduled to debut at the end of May at Cherry Capital Comic Con.  This is one to watch for.